To develop training and educational programs to develop the core BIM capabilities in the Canadian AECOO community.

Desired state:

  • Defined and accepted educational standards
  • Integrated educational programs
  • Robust and recognized certification and accreditation process


  • Build a community of parties offering BIM education and training in Canada.
  • Develop reference curriculum for BIM education in Canada.
  • Develop BIM training packages for AECOO community stakeholders.
  • Provide accreditation for institutions.
  • Provide certification for individuals.
  • the bSC Education Committee has identified five main workgroups
    1. Develop Educational Outcomes Framework,
    2. Develop content for Universities,
    3. Develop content for Colleges,
    4. Develop content for Professional Development,
    5. Determine BIM Accreditation & Certification requirements.