Unifying BIM Champions in Canada!

Joint News Release
Monday March 14th, 2016

Unifying BIM Champions in Canada!

We are pleased to announce that both CanBIM and IBC/buildingSMART Canada are bringing together two of their key committees to work hand in hand to further the interests of BIM in Canada. Their respective Owners and Education Committees will combine their efforts to address the most pressing issues facing our AECOO community in Canada. This will result in a clear set of outcomes that both agencies can support and endorse in a variety of ways.

Further, CanBIM and IBC/buildingSMART Canada are exploring opportunities for joint presentations and content, such as the CanBIM Regional Session in Halifax NS in June of this year.

Allan Partridge, CanBIM President remarked that “This is a significant step towards unifying all the BIM agencies in Canada, that at their heart, really have the same goals and aspirations” he also added “We will also see a streamlining of the valuable volunteer effort that has demonstrated a remarkable commitment to the committee work at both CanBIM and buildingSMART Canada with much better outcomes.”

Bob Hildenbrandt, Chair of IBC adds “The essence of BIM is a collaborative process that draws together the dedicated work of those involved. How better to demonstrate that collaboration to our industry than to move forward in joining our efforts.”

John Hale, Chair of buildingSMART Canada Operations Committee adds “We are thrilled to be working collaboratively with CanBIM and IBC;; this will undoubtedly lead to a strengthened network of excellence for BIM in Canada.”

CanBIM and IBC/buildingSMART Canada believe this will strengthen and create a more robust BIM community in Canada. Both agree that a strong, resilient and highly collaborative community in Canada is needed to improve the design, procurement, assembly and operations of the built environment in Canada. At the same time we will unitedly create a stronger voice within the international BIM community.