The joint bSC/CanBIM Canadian Education Committee UPDATE

Last October we launched the joint bSC/CanBIM Canadian Education initiative. The aim of the BIM initiative is to provide a clear scope and sequence of education activities that must be carried out to support and enable the transformation of the Canadian ACEOO community. Our vision: The Canadian BIM community will be highly competent and competitive within Canada and be recognised as such around the globe.

The initiative has five key outcomes:

  • a Framework for future educational work;
  • defined and accepted educational standards;
  • targets for integrated educational programs;
  • targets for robust and recognized certification and accreditation processes; and
  • ensure global relevance of Canadian professionals by aligning with international standards, best practices and activities relevant to education and certification.

Much has happened since last October, both in Canada and internationally, to inform what we are doing. At the same time as we have been developing a Canadian Learning Outcomes Framework (LOF), buildingSMART International has been developing an Individual Qualification and Professional Certification program. This has had an impact on our work as we want to ensure we are aligned and in position to leverage opportunities that arise from the bSI program.

So, where does this leave us? We will be releasing the LOF later this month for comment by the community and we are also exploring how we can incorporate elements of the bSI program. Stay tuned to this space for more information in the coming months.”