PxP Toolkits Release on bSC e-Store

Announcing the release of the Canadian BIM Project eXecution Plan Toolkits on the new buildingSMART Canada e-Store.  The toolkits are immensely helpful documents designed to support the process of creating a BIM Project eXecution Plan and preparing for BIM projects.   Each toolkit has been based around real world examples that have been compiled to create a composite illustrative project.

Each toolkit consists of several parts:

  • A Toolkit Overview document describing the toolkit
  • An example PxP (BIM Project eXecution Plan) illustrating what a completed PxP would look like for this illustrative composite project
  • An Executive Summary that provides a high level explanation of the Illustrative PxP Guide
  • An illustrative PxP Guide document, broken into eleven sections, explaining how the PxP was created and containing key decisions and anecdotes
  • A PxP Template for similar PxPs that contain nominal or default parameters for similar cases

Each PxP Toolkit Volume can be purchased separately or the Complete Guide will contain all three volumes together.  

Available in both hard and digital copies (the word template and excel spreadsheet template, as a download, are included with the both hard and digital documents).  

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