Canadian BIM Education Update

The goal of the bSC/CanBIM Education Committee is to provide a national and international benchmark for openBIM training.  As a result, we’ve been an active participant in the development of the buildingSMART International ‘Individual Qualification’ program.  Under the bSI Individual Qualification program, individuals receive foundational BIM training through an accredited training provider and then are eligible to take an on-line exam to confirm their fundamental understanding of openBIM.

The bSI exam is based on five modules:

  • Module 1 – To be Comfortable with what BIM is, why it is needed, and its specific Terminology.
  • Module 2 – To appreciate the advantages that BIM can bring compared to a traditional project, the historical issues within the industry and its role BIM has in satisfying government targets.
  • Module 3 – To appreciate the need to plan what outputs are required to inform how information is produced, exchanged, and maintained.
  • Module 4 – To appreciate a need for an open and interoperable solution
  • Module 5 – To be aware of your Organizations capability to working to the BIM Process

Each country is responsible for creating its own national module so we are now working on Module 6 – To appreciate BIM in the Canadian context.  We need your input into the learning objectives for this module.  The committee has proposed the following objectives:

  • Define who IBC, CanBIM and buildingSMART Canada are
  • Identify the phases in design and construction in Canada
  • Identify how BIM fits within the phases of design and construction in Canada
  • Know the legislative framework that governs Canadian contracting
  • Define specifications for object classification libraries
  • Identify the relevant CCDC contract documents
  • Know the professional bodies that govern professional practices

Do you feel these reflect what is needed for a basic understanding of openBIM in the Canadian context?  If not, are there others?  Let us know by sending your comments/input to [email protected] or [email protected]

The Canadian BIM Education Update presentation can be viewed here.