Canadian BIM Community Acknowledges Development of US National BIM Standard

New standard showcases the important role of consensus-based standards in building information modelling industry

OTTAWA, Thursday July 23, 2015 – The Institute for BIM in Canada (IBC), and its program delivery arm buildingSMART Canada, are pleased with the release of the latest National BIM Standard – United States, under the National Institute of Building Sciences buildingSMART alliance.

The Standard, which is in its third iteration, was developed through a consensus based approach—including contributions from buildingSMART Canada—and has doubled the amount of content from its previous version. With more than 3,100 pages of content, the standard marks a major contribution to the development of BIM standards and best practices.

“The release of the new National BIM Standard is a significant step in standards development for the international BIM community, as well as here in Canada,” said Bob Hildenbrandt, Chair of the Institute for BIM in Canada. “IBC and buildingSMART Canada were pleased to be involved in this project, and we look forward to seeing its utilization in the U.S. We also look forward to what its release may mean for the Canadian built environment as we move forward.”

The Institute for BIM in Canada and buildingSMART Canada continue to work in the areas of standards development for the Canadian architectural, engineering, construction, owner and operator (AECOO) industries. This includes work with international organizations such as buildingSMART International, or through ongoing relationships with organizations such as the National Institute of Building Sciences.

“We strongly believe that collaboration on standards for BIM is vital to the success of our industry, and we look forward to continuing our engagement on projects such as these,” Hildenbrandt continued. “On behalf of buildingSMART Canada, I would like to once again congratulate everyone involved in this project.”

To gauge interest in a Canadian BIM Standard, buildingSMART Canada has created a short three-question survey, which can be filled in online. As well, they are also encouraging BIM practitioners who may be interested in its development to contact buildingSMART Canada through their website or via email at [email protected]

More information about the National BIM Standard can be found on the National Institute of Building Sciences website.

About the Institute for BIM in Canada and buildingSMART Canada

The Institute for BIM in Canada (IBC) and buildingSMART Canada are committed to the adoption of BIM in Canada in such a way that all parties understand their roles and responsibilities in utilizing the technology. As well, buildingSMART Canada works closely with its international counterparts on openBIM standard developments.

To assist in this mandate and facilitate BIM adoption, a number of resources have already been released by IBC and buildingSMART Canada. Resources include a BIM Contract Language Appendix, to be affixed to any standard form construction contract, and which identifies the various roles when BIM is to be utilized on a construction project. In addition, three separate BIM Toolkits were released in 2014. All three toolkits as well as the contract language appendix and guide are available for sale and download on the IBC website (

These resources are also available for free to educational institutions by contacting the Institute for BIM in Canada or buildingSMART Canada.

At the same time, work is currently underway on the second and third volumes of a BIM Practice Manual. Once complete, the three-volume Practice Manual will assist those firms across Canada who are interested in adopting BIM in their own companies, or on particular projects.

More information about IBC ( and buildingSMART Canada ( is available on their websites.